She was part of one of the biggest sex scandals that rocked The Philippines in the early days of online smut. The Manila amateur from the slums of the capital appeared inside black market sex magazines distributed underground by news vendors in bus stations and shopping centers. Alma was seen kneeling down between a group of 9 average Filipino guys suggesting she was about to make them all part of a big feast.

Alma Chua
Amateur model Alma Chua. Image courtesy of Teen Filipina Website.

The images were downloaded from TeenFilipina, a website infamous for its amateur content from the slums of Manila. An American smut producer named Jimmy (yeah, they all call themselves Jimmy, Joe or John) had used some of the most underlit ghetto locations to present blurry images and shaky videos. Yet, the site was a huge success due to Alma Chua’s participation. Everybody wanted to observe her squeeze out those nine guys between her Asian melons. The site does still exist with Alma’s content still being the most often downloaded. Amazing how far a set of big fruits can travel.