Carousel Lounge

Carousel Bar

Just like most other Angeles City bars, Carousel Lounge offers booze for guys who want to stare at bikini clad women. There is a rondell inside this bar that spins gogo girls in a circle, but it’s not always working. Sometimes their entertainers make is appear as if it was working by sidestepping into one direction. Tequila girls are Carousel’s main attraction. Dressed in black lace they are true head-turners. It’s part of the same German-managed groups as La Pasha Bar, that I have covered a couple of weeks ago. Try the “curry wurst” snack from their bistro. It’s a delicious German sausage with curry powder and French Fries.

Friendly door girls
Sir, please, come inside the bar. Happy Hour.
One of the spiffy Tequila Girl on duty.