Crystal Palace

Real Street’s biggest bar is just a stone throw away from A. Santos. It’s one of the most glamorous bars of Angeles City’s tourist district with up 300 dancers on 2 stages. Daily performances of spotlight dancers who are called ‘Princesses’ can be seen every hour and shooting balloons on stage is great fun. Cristal Palace offers barfines of up to 3000 Peso for spotlight girls with green numbers, and 1500/2000 for regular girls. Some of the Filipina ladies working here are very attractive lookers and hookers.

If you don’t care too much about the girls, feel free to use their smooth pool tables for a round of Billiards. Free popcorn is served with all drinks. Previously, this venue was used to be Pickup Disco.

Crytal Palace Bar
Opening time at 6 pm with Happy Hour
Pickup Disco
Massive neon lights above entrance
bargirl dancer
Dancers with a t-back are the ones dancing in the front row.
spotlight dancers
Even the regular dancers are cute like hell and they love to smile.
lineup of bikini contest
Featured cultural dance on high heels.
bikini princess
Everybody has a different focus.


Other bars on Real Street next to Crystal Palace

Agasya Bar
Babydolls bar
Baby Dolls Bar provides a way to The Dollhouse.
Eager Beaver
street obstacle
Beware your steps. Road hazards aren’t secured.
Tropix Bar

Perimeter Road

Certainly, Perimeter Road is lesser known as an entertainment area than Fields and Blow Road A. Santos. This long stretch of asphalt from Checkpoint to Friendship gate hosts many bars with cheap drinks and easy women. Everything is cheaper as it’s geared for local expats who are living off of pensions, military benefits or social welfare rather then big spenders who have made millions on the Makati stock exchange. At a later time I will write an article about hangouts like Candy Bar, Det5, Lost in Asia and Roadies. For now, a pic to get you into the mood for and afternoon barhop.

Sunset on Perimeter Road with Silly Hat Club sign

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