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What’s your number? Sending SMS and facebook messages is one of the most favorite occupations for those who can afford smart phones and tablets.
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The most trademark-exotic looks of Filipino people are provided by Chinitas and Spanish mixes. Chinitas are women who’s ancestors are Filipinos mixed with family members from China. Metro Manila had their own Chinatown: Binondo. Unlike in the rest of the World, Chinatown is not one of the poorest and most dangerous parts of the city, but Binondo is one of the cleanest and safest part of Manila. How do you like waitresses in Chinese uniforms for New Year? Aren’t they adorable dolls? Hey, don’t ask them for a fortune cookie. According to the latest “Ironman 3” movie everybody knows those cookies are an American invention. It’s no longer cool to ask cute Chinitas for sweets other than their cute smiles.
Hitting discos like Embassy, High Society or Sunflower Cebu is lots of fun. Everybody is happy and people want to dance as long as tequila shots allow them to stand on their feet. Mango Square in Cebu and Market-Market area in Global City are fantastic places for finding discos with lively audiences. Everything is very reasonably priced and people are very happy. Go where the locals dance and stay away from tourist traps.

Are you looking for ifilipinas.com photos? Well here they are. We were lucky to secure the rights to those snapshots. It was used to be a dating portal. The graphic artists and writers from Manila were working on this portal to connect domestic women with the most lovely husbands around the world. In the meantime, feel free to visit one of these interesting Filipina dating sites that we have selected for your convenience: International and Asian women for love and Romance, Filipino Friendfinder – Find Pinas all over the internet with fresh single profiles. In the end profiles were replaced by snapshots from places like Subic Bay, Manila and Angeles City. Enjoy the photography from streets, bars and shopping malls.

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