Sexy Doorgirls

door girl

Inside bars there are waitresses and dancers to entertain patrons with drinks and party animals – sometimes with cultural shows. Many visitors of Balibago tourist district find doorgirls to be more attractive than workers inside the bar. Well, it’s all a setup to get customers to go inside the bar. What very few people know: doorgirls are the same kind of workers who perform similar tasks as exotic dancers and party animal hunters. Patrons can invite them to go inside the bar and pay lady drinks with them.

In some cases working door girls are on duty because they have their menstruation and it would be impossible to dance on the stage inside a tiny bikini with t-back while blood is draining their uniform. Sometimes they are girlfriends of managers and owners doing their job rather than stying home and watching TV. A short funny questionnaire over one mango juice should elevate any questions regarding that matter.

Sir, please, come inside.

On another note, some door girls do their job because they are smart. As doorgirls they have access to fresh air and more freedom. Additionally, they are the first contact for a customer and more likely to receive ladydrinks from generous gentlemen.
They are not security guards as some might want to beliebe. Troublemakers have to deal with bodybuilt flathats who wait in backrooms. It’s not worth starting a fight.

door girl
Hmmm, will she come inside with me or not?