Wet T-Shirt Contests

wet t-shirt contest

Those contests are a blast of the past, but a lot of American soldiers who were stationed in the Philippines still talk a lot about them: Wet T-Shirt Contests. It was a marketing event for bars to show off their most attractive girls in tiny tops and thongs while dancing around a swimming pool for two or three minutes. Up to 70 Filipina bargirls were participating in those events that took place in venues like the Swagman Hotel, Kokomos and Tropicana, all located in Angeles City. Of course most of the girls would take off their tops and slide down their t-back panties to get more attention of the audience and the horny judges (who paid substantial amounts of money to become judges). It was pretty entertaining, but the competition was outlawed by local authorities after a row between competing bars that accused each other of promoting lewd shows. Public nudity is frowned upon by conservative and religious Filipinos, so the shows had to go in 2004. There are still a couple of websites that host images from the Filipina wet t-shirts contests such as GotoPhil, Asian Escapades and TSM Travel. There was used to be a paysite with exclusive images from the Swagman and Kokomoz wet-t events called Wet T-Shirt Photos, but it seems to be inactive for some time, now. We have heard rumors, if you email the owner of Wet T-Shirt Queen they will offer an option to membership purchase by mail, but we can’t confirm as we haven’t tried.

wet t-shirt contest
A pool party from the Philippines with female participants exposing themselves to ‘corrupt’ judges. Pool and bikini parties have replaced wild wet t-shirt parties.

Filipina Whores

While some people argue prostitution is technically illegal in the Philippines there are loud calls among politicians to legalize prostitution and accept sex tourism is a solid portion of revenue stream for the country, just like it’s done in other countries of the Asean region. The red-light district in Angeles City, located next to the old American Airbase Clark is the best evidence for the new proliferation of the Filipino sex trade. The so called tourist district hosts around 100 bars with scantily clad bikini dancers who are more than willing to provide sexual services to the growing number of visitors. A lot of glossy new bars like Dollhouse, Atlantis and Genisis are employing several thousand bargirls. They are best evidence for a new boost of Filipino sex biz. A lot of porn producers have set up shop in this RLD to produce Philippine porn movies just like Trike Patrol. Other sites like Asian Escapades and GotoPhil concentrate on ranking bars and prostitutes while discussing how to get the cheapest sex in the World. On the bottom line, cheap sex is still available on Blowroad – Santos Street, a small side alley of the tourist district that houses short time bars where punter seek quick oral sex from very skilled and hospitable Pinay bargirls for no more than 700 Piso (about 17 US$). Similar services would cost around 30 US$ in the USA, 30 Euros in Germany and 40 Sing Dollars in in Singapore.

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