What is a bargirl?

Dancers from a bar in Angeles City. The bargirl in front enjoys her ladydrink and the dancers on stage wait for customers. Bars are the counterfeit of American stripclubs. However, here the strippers are called dancers and they do go out with customers. There is no sex inside the bars.

What is a Filipina Bargirl?

In connection with Filipino pornography the term bargirl is frequently used. Some guys new here might ask themselves: What is a bargirl? How do I tell a bargirl from a normal woman?

Bargirl is a woman who works inside a bar where she either dances, tends tables or performs stage acts such as singing or acting. However, her main job is to sit with customers and entertain them. Bargirls usually wear cocktail dresses or bikinis. In other cases they are scantily clad. For her time with customers she is being paid lady drinks. She receives around 50% of the drink’s price as commission for her work. Bargirls can be asked to leave their work together with customers. The fees for this early work release is called barfine and paid to the bar (employer). The genuine purpose of buying ladydrinks and paying barfines is an erotic interest of a customer in receiving sexual satisfaction services from the woman who will pretend to be his girlfriend. In essence: the term bargirl describes an Asian prostitute or escort in the Philippines.

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Since the Republic of the Philippines is a very religious and conservative country most people are much too God fearing to expose themselves in pornographic images. However, bargirls are mostly uneducated and underprivileged females who have become mercenaries for their families back in the provinces. They have lower sets of values and anything making them good money will be acceptable effort. Most Filipina bargirls working as prostitutes generate around 50 US$ from having sex with one customer per day. Some make as little as 10 US$ from servicing local Filipino clients.

Happy Hour: while bikini dancers perform on stage, patrons enjoy cheap drinks. Some bargirls are also called spotlight dancers or models. Most of them are between 19 and 26 years of age.

For this reason porn producers seek out bargirls as performers for pornographic movies. They have no limits and are happy to perform because they get paid 10 times as much money for an video act compared to working as prostitutes. In many cases they receive other gratifications like free dresses, shoes and vacation trips to Puerto Galera and Boracay.

Most women in Filipino porn movies are bargirls (see this list of reviews). Normally, regular models and actresses do not aspire to become pornstars. The only exception might be webcam girls as they enjoy more control over their appearances and content as it’s more restricted. However, probably 75% of Filipina camgirls are former bargirls who find it more attractive to work as cyber sex workers without contact with customers as it is safer and easier.

Some bar employees are participating in cultural dance shows. Jools Niteclub on Makati’s P. Burgos Street was the first nightclub to offer such entertainment for the value of 200 Piso admission and one drink. The first club in Angeles City to stage cultural dance shows was Blue Nile Executive Club (no longer in operation, but same owner runs Golden Nile, today). Back then such shows were of great quality with beautiful and athletic female performers. Today, Club Atlantis and Dollhouse are known to host dance shows similar to those old venues: Bikini dancers from Club Atlantis.

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The term for Asian bargirls is used very loosely. It’s not just dancers and waitresses out of bars in cities like Makati, Cubao, Cebu or Angeles City, but also freelancers and street walkers from infamous spots as Mango Square Cebu or Mabini in Malate, Manila. When Filipinos mention the term bargirl they do mean prostitute as bars were the original pick-up place when American soldiers recruited girls from when they were commissioned to Clark Airbase after WW2. The most famous strip for Filipina bargirls is Fields Avenue in Angeles City, Pampanga province.

While observing erotic sites, bargirls are often recognized on their sad faces and eye bags they earn while working at night and drinking too many tequila shooters. Other indications are tattoos and golden jewelry. MILFs can be easily recognized bearing stretchmarks around their midsection and hanging breasts.

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