What is a Ladydrink?

Hustlers for ladydrinks: Two feature dancers from Golden Nile bar in Angeles always approach customers for buying them drinks.

When customers of a girlie bar buy and consume beverages there is no need to call them anything else. However, inside an agogo bar patrons have the opportunity to purchase drinks for employees. Such drinks are called ladydrinks. For the purchase of one ladydrink a customer receives the entitlement of an employee’s undivided attention. Usually, the employee will be a female bikini dancer or a waitress. The drink is priced twice as expensive as regular customer drinks in most cases. The item may be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Iced teas, fruit juices, Rum&Coke and Gin Tonic are some of the most common choices. Shooters like tequila and B52s are priced slightly higher. In some establishments double ladydrinks have become popular. Those are twice as expensive as regular ladydrinks – i.e. a bottle of San Miguel beer. Let’s look at the price schedule in Angeles City.

Then there are Special Ladydrinks. This is the amount of 10 ladydrinks and equals a barfine. The ladies don’t have to drink all of the LDs, but the customer has to pay for them in order to take a bargirl out of the bar for barhopping and boom boom – or whatever their mutual desires might be. The cheapest ladydrinks in the Philippines can be found in Subic Bay bars near Olongapo followed by Angeles City. The most expensive bars are located in Makati City, Quezon City and in Cebu.
There are bars with high ladydrink pressure where floor managers, waitresses or dancers will try to force a customers into buying drinks against his opinion and in some bars staff will keep on putting ladydrinks on your tab without asking. Customers who experience such hustlers can effectively report them to community forums like PI Monger and leave out such places in future barhops. Since everybody in a bar gets paid commissions on ladydrink sales they are often over motivated to achieve sales without asking.

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