First Barhop: Dimples Bar

Dimples bar

My first barhop in Padre Burgos Street in Makati City happened in 2000. Until today this strip has not changed too much and even the drink prices are approximately the same. Back then I was overwhelmed by the exotic beauty of Filipina girls who were working in Burgos Street bars as exotic dancers, GROs and waitresses. It’s often portrait as a strip of bars, but there is more to it: Burgos Street is Makati’s red-light district for foreigners. There are other RLDs in Makati where local Filipino guys find their easy women like in E. Zobel casas and bars along J.P. Rizal and Tejeron Street, but most foreigners prefer to drink and party here on Burgos Street and it’s cozy bars. During my next couple of posts I will be introducing you to all bars and some hot Filipino girls. Stay tuned for more.

Dimples bar
Dimples bar at night

Corner of Burgos and Durban Street across from Oxford suites is home to Dimples Bar. Watch your step when entering this watering hole as there is a steep descent once you put your foot inside the door. It’s pretty dark in this place. Large customer lounge with a small stage featuring up to 5 dancers with one girl leaving and new dancer entering every couple of minutes. Lots of GRO’s in cocktail dresses who will approach you for a chat. Of course, all they want are ladydrinks.

If you ignore them they will go away after awhile. Extensive chatting and you are up for an expensive experience. It’s fun anyway.

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