Not far from the corner of Kalayaan Avenue budget patrons find a happy hour treasure inside Stardust bar. This club presents an extended Happy Hour with discounted drink for customers and ladies. Stardust bar is known for it’s dance shows since it was just the second bar after Jools to present performances aside from regular bargirl agogo dance. There is lots of space in the bar to play pool and don’t forget all the dark corners.

Is Burgos Street safe at night?

Generally speaking P. Burgos Street in Makati is very safe. Police patrols are constantly on the road controling traffic. Each bar and hotel have armed security guerads who turn away people who appear shady. Crime rate is very low compared to other parts of Metro Manila and to red-light districts around the globe. There are beggars, street walkers and some scam artists, but they take a hike once they see a police patrol, usually. It’s safe to ignore them and move on.

New Year’s eve on Burgos Street sees a lot of dangerous fire works.

However, there is one very dangerous day on Burgos Street that requires attention: New Years Eve. Local Filipinos enjoy handmade fireworks that are lit up with large torches on the street. It’s probably best to stay inside the bars or avoid this quarter during the hey hours of 31st December and New Year. I have never seen a serious injury myself, but it’s scary to watch the drunk firework guys light up rockets and crackers without reasonable safety meassures.

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