Wow Wow Wow Bar

Just at the end of P. Burgos Street opposite of Jools Niteclub you find the most intimate and one of the cheapest girlie bars: Wow Wow Wow. I was just able to shoot a rather poor photo of the door sign as a securitt guard was harassing me. It’s always the same problem with those uniform guys. Just because they have a gun they think they are so strong and don’t respect laws that allow everybody to take photos while standing on public ground. Well, anyhow: it was a good reason to get inside Wow Wow Wow bar and I was treated with a lot of joy and happiness. It’s a fun place for drinks and watching the ladies dance. They do know how to entertain customers.

Some massage girls next door from WWW.

While walking along Makati’s Burgos Street it’s not uncommon to be approached by attractive ladies. Most of the times they are doorgirls who want to solicit new customers for their employing establishments. Sometimes they are streetwalkers (and many of them are not female if you know what I mean) who are provinind pleasures in short time hotels on Durban Street, Makati Avenue, Buendia or somewhere in Poblacion village. However, some of the street flirters are massage therapists or promo girls handing out business cards for legitimate massage shops.
While massages in the Philippines lack quality compared to Indonesia and Thailand, they are cheap and relaxing. There is one spot between Rascals and Mascara bars offering Thai massage. Many other small shops are spread around Makati City and Metro Manila.

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