Chicks who dance and wiggle scantily clad while staring in the void and hoping to be barfined eternally.

Trike Patrol Review – Bangbus Philippines

Bang Bus was an epic porn website that is well remembered by it’s fans. One of those fans was an American: Jimmy Regina. He was a frequent (sex)-tourist to the Philippines and dreamed about his own website with sexy Filipina women. Jimmy and friends purchased a camcorder and the rest is epic twat love.

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Wet T-Shirt Girls

Lazy afternoon at poolside. Beers and music nonstop. Almost bare women get splashed with water and wiggle butts and nips in the rythm of the moods. Hey, time to wake up and ask them for their mobile number.

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What is a barfine?

A fee levied as an early work release of a bar’s employee can be paid by patrons to secure companionship for barhopping across the tourist district for a great party time.

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