Hot Manila Nights Review

Fresh interracial porn from Manila, this is what Hot Manila Nights offers. Obviously, this site is run by an American porn freak who enjoys his extended erotic vacation in the capital of the Philippines. He rents an apartment on Roxas Boulevard and finds a couple of highly attractive teen Filipina girls of 18 and 19 years to hang out and live with him. One thing leads to another and they want to make some money producing porn movies. Demand for so called LBFM sex scenes from Philippines is high. Nice plan and so far it’s wroking very well for them. Their videos show up to 3 girls having sex with the same guy in a groupsex orgy. The lights show fine details and delicate views in HD video. It’s very graphic and rude as the girls are very naughty – not the shy type at all.

My guess would be, they received some training on how to become cum hungry Manila sluts instead of Philippine girl dating ladies or they have been active sex workers before from Filipino bars. Or maybe they got kicked out of Philippines Women’s University because they were naughty and the principal was afraid of a new Taft Avenue sex scandal with their Philipina brides.

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