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While this sensationally kind and super busty Manila amateur has retired, one of her past adventures is still available on Trike Patrol where she takes part in one the earliest episodes for the site.

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  1. She was often referred to “Jen” but that is not her real name, it does sound close enough though. She is on her second marriage living in the USA. She is happy with her husband and new life so I will not give out any additional info to prevent her from being found. She deserves to be left alone.

    I was with her before she did the Swagman Wet T-shirt party In Angeles City that got the attention of Trike Patrol and other photographers. She was a firecracker and did everything. Nice to talk to, dressed well when we went out, smooth skin, long black hair, and great boobs.

    We lost touch with each other after I came back to the USA. Her cell number was disconnected of course, and I emailed her a couple times, but only recently did I find her. I found out that she went into porn during my search for her. I guess I dated a porn star, lol.

    She’s happy now, good for her.

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