Ivory bar

This was my very first bar I ever visited on P. Burgos Street and it was an expensive but fun experience. Like most other girlie bars in Makati City there are dancers who work for a daily salary and GRO’s who work for lady drink commissions inside Ivory Bar. Those GROs are a bit older and experienced in how to make guys feel good and important. In exchange they get drinks. Not a bad deal, but they get more drinks from you than you are ready to pay for if you don’t watch out. Back then you bought 5 drinks for a girl and you could go up to the second level with a more private feel and no other customers. It could get pretty raunchy up there, but I heard that may no longer be the case.

Ivory bar

It’s pretty difficult to have GROs leave you alone and I think it’s best to visit this bar together with other friends and not alone. Just sit tight beside each other so GROs won’t be able to squeeze their sexy butts in between both parties.

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