First Pinay playmate

The first Filipina girl that made history as a nude model was Tetcha Agbayani. Her nudes shot by German photographer Herbert W. Hesselmann were initially published in the German and Dutch editions of the famous men’s magazine Playboy. (other media such as Wikipedia refer to her as Tetchie Agbayani) Tetcha was a well known Filipino television and movie actress and her fantastic nudes helped to promote the beauty of Filipino women all over the world. However, the deeply catholic and conservative politics and media in the Philippines condoned her nudes for religious reasons. However, many Filipinos are very proud about her former beauty queen who later on immigrated to the United States to pursue a movie career. She played in various movies including the martial arts epic Gym Kata starring Richard Norton before she returned back home to the Philippines in 1989 to finish her secondary education.

Now, you know how the craze about nude and beautiful Filipina women started about 25 years ago. Of course back than the nudes had a lot of style. It would be desirable to see similar Filipina beauties nude on the internet, but I am afraid Techa is hard to top.

Boracay Nudes

It’s a little secret and not all Filipina babe fans know this. Petter Hegre of Hegre Art – one of the best known nude art photographers in the world – has already worked in the Philippines. Around 6 years ago he visited many and then traveled on to the beach island of Boracay with it’s famous White Beach. Hergre shared the same fate as other photographers as he found that recruiting models wasn’t as easy as he thought. He still found a real nice Filipina model to work for him posing nude in various spots on Boracay like the dead forest. This is a small lake in the north of the island with very few people. It’s not spectacular at all, but it is a perfect setting for tasteful nudes during sunset. There are a couple of more shots from him, but they are more like studies of female Filipina shapes that are showcasing his own photography skills rather than portraying the beauty of Filipina girls. If you ever want to look at nudes of beautiful female talent from around the world give Hegre Art a try. His shoots are unbelievably sensual and erotic. A true master of nude art.

Filipina nudes by Petter Hegre in Boracay around 6 years ago

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