Mimi Miyagi

Mimi Miyagi

Many sources refer to Mimi Miyagi as the most famous Filipino porn star in the world. According to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia she was born in Davao City, the biggest city on the Philippine island of Mindanao and later on moved to Los Angeles where she traded her college studies in favor to the fame of becoming an adult actress and porn star. She underwent plastic surgery and increased her cup size tremendously to become famous for her big silicone boobs. In 2006, Melody Mimi Dasmayo – Mimi’s real name – turned to politics after being divorced and ran for the office as Governor for the US state of Nevada, but she failed like so many other porn stars before her. At least she will always be remembered as a famous Filipina porn star. Her images can still be seen on many commercial sites.

Mimi from Davao shows off her very big boobs before taking a naked swim

Filipina Webcams

The success of Asian chat sites with Filipina girls over the past couple of years has been enormous. A gigantic Filipino porn industry has emerged that is next to only the Filipino call centers. Around 10 years ago when the first cam and live sex sites emerged on the internet, a minute of chat time would cost around 6 US Dollars. Most of those sites were full of American and German strippers, but once internet infrastructure was built up in Eastern Europe a lot of sexy females from Prague, Budapest and Moscow took over. Since they were better performers, but so big in quantity the prices came down to around 3 US$ per minute. The Dollar was very strong at that time and everybody was happy until Pinays discovered cyber sex.

An odd perversity of webcams. Grandfather with a 19 year old partner.

With the demise of the US-Dollar European performers lost interest in working for less and less money and Americans were out of the business long time before. Filipina girls were always willing to work for a very low price and they conquered the cam business because they speak good English and are regarded very highly as exotic beauties by American and European men as well as with Filipino OFW who want to have a sexy chat with a Pinay during their working time in Dubai or Poland. Some of the most popular Asian Chat sites with Filipina women are Asians 247 and Filipina Magic. One can also find tons of other Filipina girls on many other Asian Chat sites. Most of the chat girls work simultaniously for 3 or 4 sites or even more. Don’t be surprised to see them switch around all the time.

A camgirl from Asian Babe Cams at work. You can enter any chat handle and start chatting for free. Free sexy images are provided inside each performer’s profile

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