Asian Sex Diary Review

Trophy section – Each Filipina porn star amateur is called a Trophy on this sex diary

Hands down, the most innovative porn site from the Philippines and beyond. Previously, it was known as Filipina Sex Diary. Instead of waiting weeks and months for new episodes, Asian Sex Diary delivers daily bits from sexual escapades with Filipinas and other Asian women. Almost every day features an entire episode. Realistically, there are 2 to 3 hardcore episodes per week. The other updates are dedicated to information and explanations about picking up girls and preparing video shoots, including spycams. There are three people working on this site every day in getting all content done and delivered in very professional way. This is not your typical sexpat bullshit, but real good professional work.

Obviously, ASD’s main protagonist travels across Asia and meets girls like gold-diggers on husband watch, freelancers, bargirls and genuine street hookers. Since the site was first called Filipina Sex Diary, most episodes show Filipinas in hardcore action. The girls are called ‘trophies’. When the main guy, John Tron, started out with FSD he wanted to make a diary of all Filipinas he has had picked up. Initially, he wanted to resort to women he met on various dating and modelling platforms like Facebook, Friendster and Date in Asia. After some time he found it to be very time consuming to chat and sweet-talk and skipped his pickup skills for paying hookers who showed up for sex more reliably. John even got bored shooting in the Philippines during rainy season as his Filipina escorts showed up late for shoots. He decided to try his luck with amateurs and whores from Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan. Many trips across Asia are planed for new conquests. Soon new episodes with Filipina hookers from Malaysia, and Singapore massage parlors are expected to be posted. There are even plans to cover Asians working in brothels in Canada and Europe.

The list of sex movies with Asian amateurs is called ‘conquests’. Each thumb leads to corresponding episode with screen caps and additional content.

Yes, Asians are in very high demand in red-light districts all over the world and Asian Sex Diary wants to be acclaimed as being the most complete Asian hooker reality site. It’s all real and none of the content is made up in studios like American porn. It’s all filmed with genuine women – most of whom are natural first timers. Besides all the porn movies ASD is filled with information about nightlife activity and whore mongering places in Hong Kong, Japan and Philippines. Another category is devoted to guys who want to snap their own photos and produce movies. It includes advice about equipment such as spy cams and tutorials about producing sex movies. As for the girls appearing in ASD sex movies and pictorials: they are of all sizes and shapes, Most of them seem to be rather natural and normal women, not the made up vamps and dolls your see elsewhere.

cowgirl mount
Early morning inside an Ermita hotel room: Manila amateur engages in good morning sex movie. Videos are being streamed and need to be viewed on real computers. Both, movies and photos are displayed inline.

Asian Sex Diary (visit site)

broadcasting smut equipment
Tips for hobbyists on best photo and video equipment to use for self-produced sex movies


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  1. Design and colors of this websites are horrible. They hurt my eyes and it’s difficult to find your way around. But I like the movies. Those new episodes from Jakarta are great. I like such well performing and moist sex machines. Do they know how to massage or do they just fuck? Well, I just care about the love making part, anyhow. Please, polish your webdesign skills or hire a better graphic designer.

  2. I have wàtchrd. You on your different sites.
    They are virtually all the same words. Ah dats nice. Heavy Breathing. I’m cumming baby. You like boom boom? And your big White Cock is just Average.
    Thumbs Down from me

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