Club Atlantis in Angeles City

stage of Club Atlantis
Club Atlantis is built over 4 levels similar to an old Greek theater. It allows views of the stage from different angles. This shot was taken from the DJ’s booth.

One of the largest and best nightclubs in Angeles City is Club Atlantis. Everybody passing along Fields Avenue, the main strip of bars, will take notice of it’s big bright lights, posters and the sheer amount of gorgeous promo girls handling out flyers infront of the gate. Atlantis undoubtedly employs the largest amount of bargirls in town. Events are held almost every day with themes ranging from lingerie shows to Brazilian thong night and body painting contests. The variety of bargirls ranges from normal bikini dancer to doorgirl and spotlight girls

The seating area is former on 3 different levels, ovally surrounding the big stage. If you wouldn’t know it’s a stripclub you might mistake this place for a theater or opera house. Walking up the stairs patrons find a great pool table, some private VIP lounges and a well sorted sushi bar. Drinks are a little bit more expansive than the average in town, but still affordable. The amount of bargirls who are soliciting for barfines is simply overwhelming. One nice touch: visitors receive complimentary popcorn.
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Fields Avenue
Fields Avenue: the club’s entrance is right beside the big entrance to Walking Street
spotlight dancer body paint
While other contestants await their turn the first body painting contestant shows off her wet boobs.
Events like this body painting show were used to be held every week.
Green name tags signal a level of sophistication. These performers are called ‘spotlight dancers’. They call higher barfines because they are less shy and wear t-backs instead of normal panties.

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